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Young Optometrists (YO)’s mission is to support optometrists and students by providing a dynamic and progressive environment to advance the profession.
We were created by optometrists, for optometrists.


Young Optometrists (YO) was started in 2011 by a group of recently graduated young optometrists, Rebecca Li, Rajeev Naidu, Jack Phu, Chris Pooley, Carina Trinh and Megan Tu.  YO was established to represent optometrists in their first decade of practice and address needs specific to young professionals finding their way in the optometric profession.


1. Provide learning friendly environments for sharing of professional experiences

2. Promote the understanding of career pathways and facilitate career development opportunities within optometry

3. Facilitate essential networking between young optometrists, with more experienced optometrists, the optical industry, and other health professionals

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Thank you CooperVision, our patron sponsor since 2014. 

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