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    • 27 Aug 2017
    • 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
    • UNSW, Optometry Clinic
    • 34

    Feeling a little rusty with your rust ring removal? Have a patient with epiphora but you're not confident with your lavage?

    Never fear! YO has organised this workshop just for you!

    Schedule of the day:

    9.30am Registration
    10:00am Foreign Body Removal Lecture
    10:30am Foreign Body Removal Practical
    11.30am YO Annual General Meeting
    12:00pm Lunch
    1:00pm Lacrimal Lavage and More Lecture
    1:30pm Lacrimal Lavage Practical
    3:00pm Close

    • 16 Sep 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Mecure Sydney

    Last year, we hosted our first "How to forge a successful career in optometry!..or is optometry really for you?" networking event, and it was a success! So we are holding it again on Saturday 16th September, and would love for you to join us!

    It will be held at the Mercure Sydney, where you can rub shoulders with remarkable optometrists and peers, over an included buffet dinner!

    The whole point of this networking mix and mingle is to provide young optometrists who are trying to figure out their lives, an insight into what life could look like in the future. We do this by bringing you established optometrists from different specialties and fields of practice, who wish to share their journey. 

    This will be a great opportunity to find out what Optometry life you would like to pursue, and it will help you take the steps towards achieving that bright future! On the flip side, if you're having second thoughts about whether Optometry really is for you, then come along to learn from the real life experiences of established optometrists to help you gain clarity.

    We will start by having the optometrists grouped in tables by their different specialties, so you can easily find and approach them to talk. Following this, we will have freestyle mingling and networking.

    Hope to see you there! :)

Past events

2 Jul 2017 The Curious Case of Corneas
17 Jun 2017 YO Neurological Nuances
31 May 2017 Eye Tracking Workshop

Engaging Educational Events and Workshops
Tailored to Young Optometrists

"Abating Anterior Eye Anxiety" - Ultimo - 16 October 2016

On the 16th of October, 2016, we held a CPD event, with therapeutic points, on anterior eye challenges we may face in our day to day practice and how to manage them. Check out the day in review video above.


Thank you to our speakers: Stephanie Watson, Heidi Hunter, Margaret Lam and Narelle Hine for their outstanding effort and exciting talks. It was a great chance to catch up with everyone who attended, YO and FroYOs!

Contact Lens Conundrums" - Sydney - 3 August 2016

On the night of Wednesday August 3, a deluge was nigh. But it didn't stop these brave souls from fighting through the tempered and harsh weather to speak and learn about their passion: contact lens conundrums. Thanks to our wonderful speakers: Dr. Theresa Bui, Dr. Whitney Lam and Dr. Jim Kokkinakis for their time and effort on the day.

Also thanks to Dr. Angelica Ly for organising the event and being an excellent MC! Thank you to all the guests who attended and making this event fab-ou-lous - your dedication is legendary!

We learnt about the basics of contact lens prescribing, multifocal contact lens prescribing and then the bane of most optometrists who prescribe contact lenses - dealing with contact lens compliance.

The evening was so insightful and we gained so much knowledge on how established and successful optometrists went about prescribing. We also had a lovely buffet dinner on the night. We hope to do this again soon!

"YO Paediatrics Day" - Ultimo - 5 June 2016

Dust off your retinoscopes because young optometrists are ready to see children.


A company of just over 50 guests warmed The Central Room as they sought shelter from the terrible torrential rain on the 5th of June.

Thanks to our speakers: Dr. Grace Wee, Dr. Shaun Chang, Dr. Liz Jackson, and Dr. Michael Jones for their informative talks and their time and effort! Also thanks to our patron sponsor CooperVision, and CR Surfacing for their generosity for the day. To read more about our paediatrics day, please follow the link here.

Social Events

"YO Christmas Party"

Newtown - 11 November 2016

On the 11th of November, YO (NSW/ACT) held our annual Christmas gathering at Thai Pothong, Newtown. The night was full of fun and games, yummy food and all round festive cheer. Highlights of the night included: hilarious optometry musical parodies by fellow YO, Richard Lin, YO Outstanding Contribution award winner, Sarah Tait and a spectacular round of Celebrity Heads. We would like to thank everyone who attended and hope that you all had a blast networking and catching up with YOs and FroYOs like we did! The YO Executives would also like to thank Sub-Committee members, Meesha and Herenia, for being such awesome organisers and MCs for the night!

We hope to see you at our Christmas party next year!

"How to forge a successful career in Optometry!
..or is optometry really for you?"
Ultimo - 16 July 2016

We ran our very first networking event for YOs on the 16th of July, providing them with the opportunity to connect with established optometrists from a variety of backgrounds. It was a huge success and we are grateful for the phenomenal talks from our two guest speakers: Bashir ‘Baz’ Youssef, inspirational life coach and retinitis pigmentosa patient, and Amira Howari, optometrist. We would again like to thank our patron sponsor, CooperVision, for their support of this event.

Established optometrists present on the night were: Amira Howari, Monica Lette, Joe Tanner, Allan Poulter, Khanh Tien Truong, Chih-Chi Lee, Dina Chungue, Susan Ang, Albert Lee, John Evans, Pauline Kang, Jennifer Long, Mark Koszek, Narelle Hine and Heidi Hunter.

All these optometrists had their own specialities, success and passion in their specified fields of optometry. We were all so lucky to be in the same room to network and mingle with these inspirational optometrists!!

And for once, it wasn't raining during our events!

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