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22 Jan 2022 9:56 PM | Anonymous

Student's Corner is a space which is designed to introduce some of the amazing Optometry Students - delving deep into their likes, dislikes, struggles and current mood. Introducing Karuna Darvesh!

Name: Karuna Darvesh

Student Year: 5th Year, Master of Clinical Optometry Student at UNSW

Favourite Disease: Retinal Detachment

What about Optometry really grinds your gears? (if any!): When patients do not take urgency of referrals seriously.

What drives your passion for Optometry? After learning about the intricate nature of the visual system I have learnt to appreciate my eyesight so much more and want to ensure that no one misses out on enjoying the beautiful gift of clear sight.

Something you discovered about the uni not everyone may know? There is a club and society for everyone. Through becoming involved in different clubs and programs you may learn more about yourself, meet new people and find your true passions.

What is your go to place for food at uni? Stellini Pasta Bar in lower campus has incredible pasta!

Something others may not know about you: I have obtained a Brown Belt in Karate and I will soon be having my graduation in Bharatnatyam - a major form of Indian Classical Dance which I have been learning for 9 years.

What song do you play that instantly lifts your mood? “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin.

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