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Unconventional Optometrists - Ann Tran

22 Feb 2023 8:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Ann graduated from UNSW Optometry in 2019. She previously worked in a corporate practice in regional NSW but has recently moved back to Sydney and is working at an independent practice. She enjoys paediatric optometry and is involved with an organisation that organises school screenings across the Sydney Metro region. After work, Ann runs an e-commerce business called Cloud9 Lashes, and sell handcrafted false lashes and lash accessories online. With a background in optometry, her products are aimed for those who are looking for comfortable, hygienic, and hypo-allergenic false lashes and lash glue.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I graduated from UNSW Optometry in 2019 and my graduating role was in Nowra, NSW.  I love being outdoors and staying active, so Nowra was the perfect spot to enjoy hikes and swim at the nicest local beaches on my day off.

Now that I’m back in Sydney, during my time off work I’m either weight-lifting, hanging out with family and friends, trying out food places, and working on my e-commerce business.

What made you want to study optometry/be an optometrist?

I’ve always wanted to work in the health industry as I find it very rewarding to help out people. However, I am very squeamish when it comes to working around blood and watching medical surgeries so I decided on optometry thinking it would be the safest option.

Tell us about your business and what inspired you!

I initially started Cloud9 Lashes to solve a problem of my own. I wanted long lashes but didn’t like how hard it was to maintain cleanliness with lash extensions, as well as being unsure of the risk of harmless chemicals used in lash extension glue. However, disposable false lashes that I’ve tried were uncomfortable and heavy to wear, and didn’t suit my eye shape. Talking to my friends about this problem, they also experienced similar issues as well. Due to this, I created a collection of false lashes that are suitable for petite eyes as well as latex-free lash adhesive to make applying and wearing lashes easier and more comfortable.

Where can we find and follow your page?

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok @cloud9_lash

Tell us about your typical day or week as a business owner? What do you find are the most challenging aspects and most rewarding?

I run the business by myself, so I typically work on it during my spare time. Typically, this would be after gym and dinner where I would work on creating social media and scheduling my posts for the week, as well as fulfilling and packing orders to be sent the next day.

The most challenging aspects is that creating an e-commerce on top of full time work takes up a lot of time, but I find it very rewarding as I am learning a lot of business skills, and I am able to be creative with marketing and social

Do you have any advice for young optometrists out there who would like to pursue their passion but haven’t quite gotten started?

My advice would be to do a good amount of research before you start, especially if you’re interested in making your passion/interests a business. It’s great to pursue what you love and jump in the deep end, however there are so many things to consider on the logistics/business side of things (eg. GST, tax, registering the business) and this can be a big time, effort, and finance commitment. Doing all this work before you start would help you feel less overwhelmed.

Check out CLOUD9 LASHES here:

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