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Tier 3 Young Optometrists NSW/ACT Scholarship Winner announced!

5 Sep 2018 10:34 PM | Anonymous

Please join us in congratulating the Tier 3 Scholarship winner for 2018, Vivian Ho! Read more about her upcoming plans to make the most of her prize.

Name: Vivian Ho 

Practice: OPSM North Sydney 

What do you plan to do with the scholarship?: I hope to use it towards the Masters of Clinical Optometry program that I'm currently doing. Or the OEP course for Behavioural Optometry which I've completed 2 parts of.

How do you think the scholarship will help you?  

It will help me gain more of an in-depth knowledge of what I already know, and extend that to other specialty areas. It will be very relevant and applicable to all areas of Optometry and better equip me when I come across more challenging situations. 

If you could choose one superpower what would it be?  

I would like to travel through time and space, would be interesting to see things from different perspectives.  

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