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YOur Wellbeing - Forming New Habits

26 Feb 2019 11:06 AM | Anonymous

Change isn't easy, but forming new habits could be the start! We all have a morning routine when we get up (bathroom, brush teeth, eat breakfast, run for the train....) but these habits are triggered automatically in response to contextual cues (e.g. the action of washing our hands comes from the contextual cue of finishing our business)? 

If you've got a spare hour, check out this fantastic article, but if not here's the gist:

  1. Decide on a goal (e.g. I want to spend less time checking social media when I am eating)
  2. Choose a simple action which will steer you towards your goal, which you can do on a DAILY basis (I will turn my phone to Airplane Mode whilst I eat and focus on my food instead)
  3. Plan when and where you will do your simple action, but be consistent! 
  4. Every time you encounter that time and place, do the action. 
  5. It will get easier with time and within 10 weeks you should find that you're doing this automatically!
  6. Congratulations, health habit unlocked

Habit forming is never easy, and realistically of everyone who reads this only 5% will enforce any of the above. Most of the time we'll revert back to our old ways, because they're familiar. But don't give up, give it a go - whether it be checking less social media, walking the dog daily or even writing in a gratitude journal daily. Best of luck! 

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