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Welcoming Austin Tang to the YO Subcommittee!

13 Apr 2019 11:06 AM | Anonymous

We're excited to announce that Austin Tang is joining us as a subcommittee member.  He is a recent UNSW Optometry graduate and we're glad to have him on the team.  He brings with him the perspective of a new graduate in rural NSW. Find out a bit more about him!

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Austin and I’m currently in my first role on the other side of NSW, Broken Hill! I like travelling because it opens me up to new experiences, ways of thinking and cultures. I also like things that take us away from the normal rhythm of our daily lives, whether it would be chatting to someone we haven’t spoken to in a long time, or spontaneous sunset trip.

How did you end up in optometry as a career?

I was interested in science and health and couldn’t imagine myself being a doctor, so this is where I ended up.

What are you most passionate about outside of optometry?

One of my passions is tennis but deep down, I think it’s making a positive difference to those around me.

How would you spend your free time?

I like continuously learning through reading as well as investing in my hobbies. I also like keeping in contact with family and friends.

Most embarrassing moment?

It would have to be waving when I thought someone was waving at me, or saying something when I thought someone was talking to me.

What inspired you to join YO as a subcommittee member?

I found YO pretty helpful for me; some of the posts as well as the events, and I thought it’d be cool to be a part of it. I would like to use any of my knowledge and experiences to help those who are upcoming optometrists!

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Reading minds

What is your current favourite phrase?

I’ve been picking up a lot of Aussie slang in Broken Hill, I can’t pick out a favourite one.

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