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Student's Corner - Introducing... Ivy Kol (not-so-student-anymore!)

20 Jan 2020 9:29 PM | Anonymous

Student's Corner is a new space which is designed to introduce some of the amazing Optometry Students - delving deep into their likes, dislikes, struggles and current mood. And although we've called it Student's Corner, our first guest not-so-student anymore. Keep scrolling to read more about 2019 UNSW Optometry Society President: Ivy Kol.

What is your favourite Disease?

Microbial keratitis - it's the first red eye I ever saw!

What about Optometry really grinds your gears? 

When a patient is non-compliant with your treatment and then returns for the review complaining about the same issue.

What drives your passion for Optometry?

I really enjoy solving a person’s problem and seeing the positive impact on their life. It gives me a lot of personal satisfaction and is what keeps me motivated! 

Something you discovered about the uni not everyone may know? 

The structure at the top of the main walkway (where Scientia is) is designed to look like an open book   

Would you rather do 100 body-weight squats or walk to and back from Village Green to Sir John Clancy?

Walk to and back from Village Green to Sir John Clancy - so I can get a Stockmarket salad too 

Something others may not know about you?

I studied Exercise Physiology for a year before transferring into Optometry

What song do you play that instantly lifts your mood?

Sunflower by Post Malone

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